Weight and compassion

by Nano

Here’s the thing: not everyone is overweight for the same reasons, and not everyone can “do” something about it, the way it is traditionally thought of. Before I gained weight, and I mean real weight, not just 10 or 20 lbs., I though weight was easily controllable. Then I got sick. I first lost insane quantities of weight that I didn’t  have to lose, and then gained a ton back as I got healthier and healthier. It was hard. I knew I was getting healthy, but I simply wasn’t in a place to lose yet. It was hard to deal with people telling me to exercise, bc that wasn’t a true option for me for many years.

I have lost a lot of weight now, and am glad my body is in a place to do it, but that wasn’t alway the case. And, I realized while going through this that a lot of people are in the same predicament. Not necessarily sick, but situations in their lives that mean they don’t have the resources to attack the situation the way they would like to. When they complain about their weight, I think they are complaining about having lives that don’t lend themselves to making weight a priority at that time. We ALL have that somewhere in our lives, it’s just that if you are overweight everyone can see your problem and think they know how to fix it. I am guilty of this, too.

I guess I am saying we all bitch about something in our lives, and we are usually granted the understanding by others that the issue is complex, and we are doing everything we can about it. (Not always the case, but usually). I think people struggling with their weight deserve that same compassion and understanding, for the most part.